Due to the COVID-19 situation and the lockdown our industry is in severe distress, if private coach operators do not get help soon, the operators in our industry will disappear. 

What are we Asking 

We want Government to treat us the same as other in the Transport Industry, Example : Taxi's

Government initiated the lockdown causing a complete standstill in our sector. Our vehicles has been standing since March 2020, we are asking for relief on licensing fees and permit fees that has been paid in advance, since those vehicles has not been using the road.

Minister of Transport making emply promises

September 30 2020

After the Minister still refused to acknowledge all the legal documentation that were send to him, and the media to scared to ask the Minister about the PCPA, YouTuber Mr de Beer joined him at a press briefing on the 30th September 2020 and confronted the Minister, and asked if he plans on assisting the PCPA. The question were not received well, and again the minister said we need to send his spokesperson the info and that they will then look into it. As many times before the information were send again, and the spokesperson, who was sitting right next to Mr de Beer, assured him that she and the minister will look into the request. 

But still there has been no response. 

PCPA concerned : Lions Tour 2021

The PCPA is greatly concerned that operators of luxury coaches will go bankrupt prior to the the Lions Tour 2021 and that supporters will have to be transported in sub-standard vehicles.  


The PCPA has send 4 legal letters to the Minister of Transport with no response

Letter 1
MAY 25 2020
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Letter 2
JUNE 8 2020
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July 5 2020
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Letter 4

December 19 2020

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More news

The PCPA had a meeting with the Director General, Mr A Moemi, during this conversation the DG committed to assist the PCPA members. Shortly after this meeting a directive were publish in the Government Gazette on 14 December 2020. No. 43995.

This directive stated that "All the operating licenses and accreditation certificates for tourist and charter transport services extended for further grace period ending on 31 Aug 2021."

This however is not what was agreed upon in the meeting between the DG and the PCPA and it is clear that there is a very big confusion. 

The PCPA requested assistance with License Fees and Operating Licenses. 

Operating Licenses is a license disk required for Public Transport Operators allowing these operators to transport passengers. Also called a Permit by some.  These Operating licenses cost around R300.00 per vehicle and is normally issued for a period of 5 - 7 years on a vehicle.

Vehicle License is a license disk just like any other vehicle requires in order to legally operate on South African roads. It also shows the roadworthy certificate date of the vehicle. These Vehicle Licenses cost anywhere between R20 000.00 and R45 000.00 per vehicle, per year. These Vehicle License disks are also only valid for 6 months, and fees must be paid 6 months in advance.  

As you can see, that by extending the validity of the Operating License does not help any but a view operators that might have a Operating license expire during this period, but since they are between 5-7 years valid, there will be very little. 

But if you have a fleet of 25 vehicles your licensing cost could easily be around R1 Million 

Without any income since the start of lockdown, having to pay R1 Million only on license fees for vehicles that have not been used, or have not used the road, is rather a big expense and most  operators can not afford and will go bankrupt. 

other LETTERS/documents

The PCPA has send several letters to the several Government Offices, Media Outlets, below is all those documents for reference. 

Information Slides
Slide with Info on PCPA
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Letter To Minister of Transport
JUNE 8 2020
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LETTER to Director General A Moemi
October 2020
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Media Statement
November 2020
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Letter To the president 
January 26 2021
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